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Saves time

With the Cover Crop Roller mounted on the front of a tractor, a farmer can roll and plant all in the same pass.

improves soil

Improves Soil

No-till cover crops supply nutrients, build organic matter, prevent soil erosion and reduce herbicide use.

crop roller

Handles Tough Crops

Cover-Crop Roller tests at 90% minimum crop knockdown and handles tough crops like hairy vetch and rye.

handles tough crops

Plant in one pass

Fill with water for extra weight

many options

Many options and models to choose from

crop roller models

Cover-Crop Rollers

No-till can reduce the number of field operations for corn from eight to two, just roll and plant. No-till cover crops supply nutrients, build organic matter and prevent soil erosion. The challenge has been in finding the right equipment to knock down the cover crop before planting.

The I & J front-mounted, Cover-Crop Roller meets that challenge by allowing farmers to knock down a weed-suppressing cover-crop mat and plant through it all in one operation, cutting two no-till passes to one.

The I & J Cover-Crop Roller can turn a lush stand of rye and hairy vetch into a thick, weed-suppressing mulch so well it makes observers wonder why herbicides were ever used in no-till farming. One farmer knocked down a cover crop of rye with the roller and planted directly into the residue. Although there were no chemicals involved, it looked so good and the kill was so complete an observer thought it must have been sprayed with herbicides.

The design of the I & J Cover-Crop Roller is based on what didn’t work well with stalk choppers. It uses a single cylinder with two bearings, instead of the chopper’s eight rolling drums and 16 bearings. Chevron-pattern, instead of parallel blades, avoid kicking up soil. A pipe 16 inches in diameter was chosen for the core and four-inch blades proved most effective in tests. The I & J Cover-Crop Roller has tested at 90% minimum crop knockdown and easily handles tough crops like hairy vetch and rye that cause problems for stalk choppers.


The roller fits standard Category I or II three-point hitches. I & J Manufacturing also offers a three-point adapter for the fronts of tractors not already equipped with them.


Briefly, the Cover Crop Roller was developed to overcome the shortcomings of knocking down an existing cover crop and then planting on no-till farms. Finding the right equipment for cover crop management has been the biggest barrier to no-till farming. Now, with a no-till planter attached to the back of the tractor and the Cover Crop Roller mounted to the front, a farmer can roll and plant all in the same pass!

Crop Roller Models

Product Features:

  • Standard 4,5,6,8,10.5 and 15.5 ft widths.
  • Custom builds of any size up to 60′ wide. 15.5 ft Narrow Transport recently added.
  • Please call for quotes on various sizes Mounted with a three point hitch.
  • Cover crop roller had blades that are arranged in chevron pattern to prevent bouncing.
  • Blades are welded and replacement blades can be bolted on as needed. Blades on the drum are spaced 8″ apart mounted on 16″ diameter pipe.
  • Any non-freezing liquid can be added for added weight to improve performance of crop rolling adding (75lb per ft) Weight of the 10.5′ Cover Crop Roller Crimper is 1835 lbs empty and 2635 lbs filled with water.


The Cover Crop Roller can be mounted on a front end loader with custom built adapter. The Crop Roller can also be pulled with horses using our optional trailing frame.


* Add 75lb per ft filled with liquid.

* We reserve the right to adjust prices. Price changes may not be immediately reflected on web site. Prices do not include freight costs.

crop roller

The rolling and crimping action of the blades will transform a field of vetch, rye or other cover crop into a thick, weed suppressing mulch.

Farmers of organic farms and sustainable agriculture who already work with cover crops will quickly realize the time saving value of a front mounted Cover Crop Roller. Many conventional farmers recognize no till farming benefits and make the move to organic farming with this step saving tool. Or they can use the Cover Crop Roller as part of their conventional farming program to reduce the amount of herbicide sprays.

3PT Hitch

crop roller
crop roller

Three Point Hitches are available by:
Double R Manufacturing

Phone: 902-658-2088
Website: Double R Manufacturing

Please call or visit their website for more information on the 3PT Hitch.

Other Options:

Front  3 Point Hitch from Buckeye Tractor
Laforge Systems Guided Hitch

Models & Pricing

Pricing may change without notice

DescriptionWeightShipping SizePrice
#904T – 4 ft Flip-Over995 lbs72”x48”x29”$4050.00
#905T – 5 ft Flip-Over1150 lbs84”x48”x29”$4,250.00
#906T – 6 ft Flip-Over1375 lbs96”x48”x29”$5,250.00
#908 – 8 ft. 3 Point1,510 lbs.100″ L x 48″ W x 36″ H$6,200.00
#910 – 10 1/2 ft. 3 Point1,835 lbs.130″ L x 48″ W x 36″ H$7,100.00
#915 – 15 1/2 ft. 3 Point2,400 lbs.190″ L x 48″ W x 36″ H$10,100.00
#915TSH – 15 1/2 ft. Narrow Transport Trailed4,000 lbs.Call for Dimensions$18,000.00
#908TK – Trailed Option ( For 6 to 8 foot rollers only)Call for WeightCall for Dimensions$2,600.00
#930 – 30 ft. Trailed Folding7,900 lbs.25 ft. Truck Space Needed$35,000.00
#9313P – 31 ft. Folding 3 Point8,000 lbs.25 ft. Truck Space Needed$35,100.00
#940 – 40 ft. Roller Mounted on a Harmes Trailed FrameCall for WeightCall for Dimensions$58,000.00